Our Company

1940- Flora Fragrances was established in Tahtakale, Eminonu. Stepping into trade life with importations from world leader perfume countries France, Switzerland and the Netherlands, Flora Fragrances was looking into future with great hopes.

1945 - Only 5 years after its establishment, the importation of perfumes gave its place to the importation of raw materials. Perfume and cologne manufacturing was initiated with the knowledge and technical support of international expert countries. Now, Flora was to continue its life as a “manufacturer”.

1957 - As a significant step on the path to incorporation, Esko Cologne was established. Being the second biggest cologne brand of Turkey Esko was one of the first brands to come to mind when cologne was in question.

1973 -The company decided to specialize in perfume manufacturing in order to be one of the leading companies of the industry in Turkey. In order to continue to a new start with a new name, the name of the company was changed “Flora” which lexically represents rebirth. .

Today -The company currently operates in Ikitelli Industrial Zone and continues its sectoral activity influentially thanks to its ever-increasing team. Having an experience of half a century, Flora Fragrances continues to be one of the significant actors of the industry with the 3rd generation executives.

Our Targets

Improving and maintaining the high performance and diversity of perfumes and home & personal care perfumes are among the targets of Flora Fragrances.

Furthermore, understanding and providing service in the best way possible to the needs of our customers with perfume improvement and quality control team are also among our targets.

Our Values

We adopted following fast-changing world perfume trends and keeping satisfaction at the highest level by offering innovations to domestic and international markets as our principles, and the most significant target of us is to add new raw materials to our library and to create and put new perfumes on market.

Flora family develops the projects of its customers with the R&D team and becomes a solution partner to them.